How to Make a Bigger Impact as a New Graduate Hire

And how not to be the new hire that “just doesn’t get it”.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Avoid becoming the newbie that “just doesn’t get it”

For a new hire, “just doesn’t get it” is one of the worst appraisals you can get. It is an indictment of your performance not because of lack of ability, but in spite of it. More dangerously, it becomes self-fulfilling over time.

Size up three things about your surroundings

It’s a paradox — you can only hit the ground running if you take the time to stand still and soak in your surroundings.

One, understand the psychology of your environment

In an organisation, you must — by definition — know how to work with and through others. To do this well, you must understand how people behave.

Two, use your unique position to help others

People aren’t on the same page? Capture and share the key discussion points. Bosses have no time to read important publications? Summarise the insights. Too much friction in putting together inputs? Automate the manual processes, or develop a template. You can fill the gap.

Three, map out the pathways of progress in concrete terms

Think of it as a map to help you tangibly identify where you are, where you could go and what’s in between.

A 30-something city dweller with small town roots in Asia. Policymaker by training, creative by temperament. I write to share borrowed wisdom from the world.

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